Awards Publications—HBJ

I manage all of HBJ’s awards publications from launching the nominations, receiving and processing nominations and applications, organizing judging panels and meetings to decide finalists, notifying finalists, arranging and creative directing photoshoots, assigning or writing copy for the publication, making videos for online, editing publication, and attending the event, which usually included social media work too.

I love these special publications, because they are projects I work on from start to finish. I act as the point person for each project, so I am solely involved and field all questions and concerns on the awards.

One of my favorite parts is getting to know all of the honorees, and we are lucky enough to live in a city with such amazing individuals. I also really enjoy coming up with themes for the publications and doing interesting photoshoots — from high school glamour shots and Vanity Fair-style shoots, to boxing gym action shots and sea-themed office posing.


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